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Have a J-Phone now 0

Have a J-Phone now

So I have a J-Phone now, thanks to Joi. I still have to figure out how to moblog with it. Well, I probably need the help of Sembo and Yae. I also met Pete who is a bit more jetlagged then me as he just came over from England today. Well I didn’t have my...

View from the Temple 0

View from the Temple

Sembo san and Yae san have a temple just 30 metres away from their house. I just had to step out of the door, climb the staircase and then make this picture.

Sembo is drawing a map 0

Sembo is drawing a map

Monorom showed me a lot of computer-drawn maps from her Tokyo friends. Well, the charm of a hand-drawn “chizu” won’t go away either. Btw there is a very cool chapter in Roland Barthes’ book Empire of Signs about handdrawn maps. The maps he published were also somewhat unusal.

Day at Meguro 0

Day at Meguro

I slept very well, just a bit too long – probably due to my Jetlag;) So far I very much like the climate here. I like when it is “mushi atsui”, and not so dry as in Europe.

What to do with a 3 G Phone? 0

What to do with a 3 G Phone?

3G Phones Let Time-Strapped Families See Each Other Every Day This is an interesting article by Tim Clark about the new video phones which are already available in Japan. After reading the article, I think that this “intimate” behaviour makes much sense for some businessman who want to keep in touch with their family. But...

Unicode Show Off ぬぴれ 0

Unicode Show Off ぬぴれ

Kaywa Blog supports every imaginable char, which is defined in utf-8 (displaying them depends on your font, it worked on my Mac). But don’t ask me, what I wrote 😉 Hiragana にま Katakana ッルピ and also Arabic صأؤ Hebrew ציװפ Cyrillic Исшэ Greek Μαχΰ Thai ทสฤภ and many more 😉

It's 1:27 here and I missed… 0

It's 1:27 here and I missed…

… the Love Hotel Moblogging Conference. Well at the moment I just have no picture phone that is working and as I said, it’s already 1:27 in the morning here (compared with 18:27 back in Zurich). Btw: there’s another pre-conference: 24 Hours of Moblogging. Via Mobitopia

Sembo 0


This is Sembo san. Tomorrow he and Yae will help their friends for La Nuit Japonesque at Super Deluxe. See also japanimprov.com/myagi. Just a day later, I will have my presentation at the same place. Funny, isn’t it? Or – well done, Miss Monorom;)

Yae 0


This is Yae san, digging for some music*. Her family name is Akaiwa. If this isn’t a good omen;) * Right now we are listening toBudakhan Mindphone – A Mini – Album Composed, Performed and Produced by Tom Jenkinson, Mastered by Frank Arkwright

Night at Meguro 0

Night at Meguro

I am online now via Ethernet. I encountered some problems so far with wireless. I finally arrived in Tokyo, where it rains a bit (ame ga shito shito furimasu). I had a wonderful dinner at Yae and Sembo’s house. The gyoza were just fantastic – oishii;) Visit Exonemo For the next few days I will...