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Trackbacks are currently disabled 0

Trackbacks are currently disabled

Due to a massive trackback spam not yet filtered out with our blacklist, we had to disable momentarily all trackbacks. We will check the incoming trackbacks against our blacklist and filter out all existing SPAM trackbacks for the next three weeks. When the trackbacks are back, we will inform you again via http://www.kaywa.com Trackbacks and...

Server change | Statistics are back | Blacklist 0

Server change | Statistics are back | Blacklist

The server change is done. If you have anything which doesn’t work as it should please report to support@kaywa.com. The statistics are now also back. Due to the server change, we lost the statistics for May 6. Since a few minutes the Anti-SPAM Blacklist is back as well. Please report any SPAM comments to support@kaywa.com....

Blogging Admin was temporarily not available! 0

Blogging Admin was temporarily not available!

The blogging admin of some KAYWA weblogs were temporarily down yesterday night and early this morning due to the release 1.4. It’s working again since 7 this morning. Our apologies. We will inform about all the new things in release 1.4 as soon as possible. *** We also move our servers on May 6. The...

Release 1.4 0

Release 1.4

This Monday, Release 1.4.1 will go live. The Change is scheduled for Monday, May 2, 12 p.m. midnight (GMT+2) till the early morning hours.

Server move May 6th 0

Server move May 6th

Next week the KAYWA infrastructure is going to be moved to new servers. This process will not affect the availability of the weblogs. But for a smooth change to be possible, we will have to deactivate posting to the weblogs for a short while. This change is scheduled for May 5 at midnight till 6am...

Send Gallery Pictures as E-Card or MMS 0

Send Gallery Pictures as E-Card or MMS

Cool features for the photos in your galleries: Send photos as an e-card to everybody who has an email address. Works everywhere. Free service! Print photos on paper directly out of the blog. You’ll receive the printed photos with the bill a few days later. Works in Germany and Switzerland. (Partner: Photocolor Kreuzlingen) Send photos...

Contrechamp in SVM 2

Contrechamp in SVM

Contrechamp, a cinephile weblog was recently mentioned in the french magazine SVM as one of the 200 indispensable weblogs. Congratulations Sandrine! PS: And thanks to Moland for the photo.

Images: Rotate Left, Rotate Right 1

Images: Rotate Left, Rotate Right

It is now possible to rotate images directly in the post. The rotation applies to the image, so if you want to put it into a galery it keeps the rotation. You’ll find the images of a post underneath the “Blog this!” button. Click then on “Edit”. Now you can rotate the image 90 degrees...

Finally: Videoblogging! 2

Finally: Videoblogging!

You can now directly videoblog from your your mobile phone to your KAYWA weblog. The video file is then displayed as a link. As videos sent from a mobile are normally in 3gp, you are able to watch it again on any 3gp-enabled mobile phone. PS: Unfortunately Swisscom in Switzerland transforms the sent 3gp file...