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The Kaywa Website is also a Blog 0

The Kaywa Website is also a Blog

As you can see, the new KAYWA Weblog is also a Website or vice versa. Recently we finished our first blogsite or sitelog and this is the second one. We hope you enjoy it. The german version will soon follow. Tags: Kaywa, The Convergence Blog, New Website

New Small Business Weblog 0

New Small Business Weblog

Here is the first example of our new Small Business Weblog: 3F AG. Some cool Features: Static pages with 2 navigation levels Blog filed under «Aktuell» (News) Blog has no comments, but a direct feedback possibility (this is naturally customizable) Design by Kaywa according to wishes from customer RSS feed with explanation Pages with update...

Offline (Hardware Ausfall bei Init7) 0

Offline (Hardware Ausfall bei Init7)

Offline Our hoster Init7 had a hardware problem (switch). As a result we were offline (not pingable) for about an hour. Fortunately the problem was quickly solved. We apologize for any inconvenience caused Official Announcement by Init 7: Dear Customer, Today after 13:00, our distribution switch in the Layer One datacenter died. A technician had...

Maintenance Work Tomorrow 0

Maintenance Work Tomorrow

Tomorrow around 9-10 o’clock Swiss Time, we will have to do some maintenance work (performance tuning) during day time as announced previously. Normally this shouldn’t affect the weblogs, moblogging etc.

Offline due to maintenance work 0

Offline due to maintenance work

We were offline for about 30 minutes from 22:10 to 22:40 (GMT+2). This was unscheduled. The main reason was a problem occuring during maintenance work (performance tuning) on our new servers. There is still some more maintenance work, but next time we will inform you beforehand. Normally this type of maintenance work shouldn’t affect the...

Moblogging Address (Release 1.4.) 0

Moblogging Address (Release 1.4.)

Before you had to use a combination of username.password@subdomain.kaywa.com. Now you can use whatever you want before the “@”. Go to your Administration interface (http://subdomain.kaywa.com/admin). Then click “Edit Author”. The third line after username and password is the moblogging address (see image). Just write whatever you want before the “@”. This way you can give...

Win Make Believe, new Weezer Album 0

Win Make Believe, new Weezer Album

Bandsmagazine offers a Weezer Album: Passend zu unserer Titelstory Mai 2005, verlosen wir 3x das brandneue Weezer-Album “Make Believe”. Freunde der Melodien und Melancholien sind gebeten zuzugreifen! Frage: Wie heisst der aktuelle Bassist von Weezer? Einfach die Antwort als Kommentar anfügen und E-Mail-Adresse nicht vergessen. Viel Glück!

Some Server Problems 0

Some Server Problems

Since our server move which went in general quite well, we still have to do some fixes and not all works yet at perfection. We are working on it. Our servers were offline earlier this morning between 4 am and 7 am (GMT+2) . During daytime the weblogs were sometimes rather slow as well. Our...