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Our servers are slow at the moment as you probably have noticed. We are the first ones to dislike it. We are working hard on improving the situation as quickly as we can.

LAMP System-Administrator 0

LAMP System-Administrator

Zur Verstärkung unseres Teams suchen wir einen Linux-, Apache-, MySQL-, PHP-System-Administrator. Hauptaufgabenbereich Installation/Kontrolle/Unterhalt Linux (Debian) Umgebung Installation/Kontrolle/Unterhalt Apache Umgebung Installation/Kontrolle/Unterhalt MySQL Umgebung Installation/Kontrolle/Unterhalt PHP Umgebung Backup/Restore und Recovery Regelmässige System Upgrades System Security Performance Tuning Cacheing Weiterer Aufgabenbereich Unterstützung bei Applikationsentwicklung (PHP, XSLT, CSS) Projektmitarbeit Mithilfe bei Support Anforderungen Selbstständige sowie dienstleistungs- und serviceorientiert denkende...

Servercrash 0


Today around 16:50, we had a heavy servercrash and it was impossible to reboot it remotely. So we changed and where back online with most of the blogs less than an hour later. It was slow times, but we were back. Around 21:00 we finally could reboot the server locally. It took another 45 minutes...

Wishlist 3


From time to time we get wishes from our customers to make our software better. We publish here the list which we already have and we’ll list the features still to do. You can add your wishes as well. DONE, as of today Turning of images (Moblogs). DONE, see here RSS Feeds with Comments. DONE,...

More new features 0

More new features

Additional features of yesterday’s release are: Better multi-language support. You can now run several languages side-by-side. Compare for example patrice.kaywa.ch/en with patrice.kaywa.ch/de. Please contact us if you want this functionality for your weblog. GeoURL support. In the weblog settings you can now set your coordinates.

Server maintenance this evening 0

Server maintenance this evening

We will do some server maintenance today, July 22 after 9 pm. This changes are necessary to improve the performance of the KAYWA system. The site should be available the whole time, but a few short hiccups may occur.

Some Features of the New Release 0

Some Features of the New Release

The new Release includes: Comment RSS: Every blog has now a RSS for comments. You find it at: http://subdomain.kaywa.com/comments.rss (Example: moland.kaywa.com/comments.rss) New language version: Serbian (sr) Go to Settings > Blog > Choose Language > Choose “sr” and then reload your browser Btw. Croatian is in the pipeline Finally KAYWA supports the MetaWeblog API Drop...

New Release Next Thursday 0

New Release Next Thursday

We will release release 1.5 next week on Thursday morning between 6 and 8 in the morning. If you encounter any problems, please report them immediately to support@kaywa.com.

Blogging mit Strategie 0

Blogging mit Strategie

Pressemitteilung: Blogging mit Strategie This press release is only available in german. PDF VersionPDF zum Download (83.2 KB) HTML Version Blogging mit Strategie Kooperation ermöglicht strategische Beratung bei der Integration von Weblogs in den Kommunikationsmix Kaywa AG, führender Schweizer Weblog-Anbieter, bietet neu auch Strategische Unternehmens- und Kommunikationsberatung an. Dazu kooperiert das Unternehmen mit dem Campaigning-Pionier...

KAYWA is CTI Certified 2

KAYWA is CTI Certified

Two days ago KAYWA got the CTI Start-Up Label. We are now a CTI Certified Company. Many thanks to all who made this possible, especially our coach Christian Brand. Certificate (PDF)