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Service Shut Down 0

Service Shut Down

Second step to face traffic growth is to move physically our servers. At 10.15am (Swiss time) this morning KAYWA weblogs will be offline for a maximum of 10 minutes. Sorry for the late notice and thank you for your understanding.

Server maintenance 0

Server maintenance

We will be working on our servers later this afternoon. Users might experienced some problems to access their admin interface but blogs will always be reachable. We apologize for any inconvenience… UPDATE: Everything went fine.

Blogging with Writely 4

Blogging with Writely

How to configure Writely to post from Writely to your blog (Click on image) As the MetaWeblog API is available on all KAYWA Blogs you can now blog with other clients than your webbrowser or MMS and email. A recent addition is Writely, thanks to the help of Claudia from Writely. To post from Writely,...

Fussballblog is Top-Scorer 3

Fussballblog is Top-Scorer

eBund’s Fussballblog* audience grows exponentially: On July 11, when we published Blogging mit Strategie, the Fussballblog had 73463 visits/month. Checking now, it has already 113426 Visits. That’s an increase of 54% in 3 months. And now Frans, Frau B, Herr Noz, Pirlo and Rrronaldo are going for the million. It could be done in the...

Hochparterre Blogs from Beijing, Shanghai, New York, Amsterdam und Barcelona 0

Hochparterre Blogs from Beijing, Shanghai, New York, Amsterdam und Barcelona

Hochparterre joins the blog revolution. From persoenlich: Hochparterre: Korrespondenten bloggen aus den Weltmetropolen Unter http://www.hochparterre.ch/international berichten seit Anfang Oktober fünf Korrespondentinnen und Korrespondenten in Text und Bild aus fünf Metropolen über die lokale Architektur- und Designszene. Dabei wird nicht nur Aktuelles aus Architektur und Design besprochen, sondern auch über Stimmungen und Trends in der Kunst-...

Caritas Weblog is online 0

Caritas Weblog is online

Give Poor People in Switzerland a Voice Aus dem Leben is one of the many new Weblogs we finished recently. In der Schweiz leben zahlreiche Personen unbemerkt von der Öffentlichkeit in Armut. Caritas Zürich möchte mit diesen Menschen mit diesem Weblog eine Stimme verleihen. Sarah Moser ist allein erziehende Mutter und lebt in Zürich. Sie...

Server maintenance 0

Server maintenance

Update: It took some two minutes. Now everything should run smoothly again. If you encounter nevertheless any problems, don’t hesitate to write us at support@kaywa.com. We said we are working hard on improving our server situation and a first step will take place today between 11h30 and 12h30. During this time servers will be down...