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Bleublog has over 5000 Blogs now 0

Bleublog has over 5000 Blogs now

The weblog portal Bleublog has over 5000 Weblogs now. This incredible growth was achieved in only two months*. So far 18476 posts and 17518 comments have been posted. This translates to a daily average of 280 posts and 265 comments. * Bleublog was started on March 3.

KAYWA en español 1

KAYWA en español

Patrice brings Kaywa to the spanish people. See his announcement on his blog: KAYWA en español El proveedor de weblogs de Suiza KAYWA ya esta disponible en español también. Eso significa que ya puede usar el interface de administración en los cuatros idiomas inglés, alemán, francés y español. Thank you so much, Patrice! Kaywa is...

Hardware defect – some blogs partially down 0

Hardware defect – some blogs partially down

This morning from 8:00 to 9:20, this site and about 1/10 of all our blogs were unreachable. This was due to a hardware defect and we had to exchange it physically. It took therefore more time till the servers were again up and running.

Datacenter maintenance on Friday 0

Datacenter maintenance on Friday

Our datacenter will be shutdown to install new equipement on Friday morning, March 17th. All KAYWA blogs will be unreachable from 4:00 am for approximately 2 hours. Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause you…

The Blogger of tomorrow is a woman 1

The Blogger of tomorrow is a woman

In the article Das öffentliche Tagebuch (PDF) (the public diary) from espace.ch, CEO Roger Fischer was asked about the future of blogging in Switzerland. He said that as blogging becomes more mainstream, more women will join the blogosphere : Noch seien es oft junge Männer mit Affinität zur Technik, sagt Roger Fischer, Geschäftsführer des Weblog-Anbieters...

Now Works With… 0

Now Works With…

coComment now works “officially” with Kaywa. If you need some invitation codes, there should be still some left here.

Traffic increase causes slowdown 0

Traffic increase causes slowdown

Since last tuesday, we had a heavy traffic increase on all our well-known blogs which slowed the Kaywa blogs down. After analysis (which takes always longer than we wish), we started to act. The Kaywa Server is still too slow, so tomorrow we will move more parts to other servers and we hope to get...

Weblog Portal der Pädagogischen Hochschule Rorschach 0

Weblog Portal der Pädagogischen Hochschule Rorschach

PORTAL PHRBLOG Im Studienbereich BSK (Berufs- und Studienkompetenzen) der Pädagogischen Hochschule Rorschach (PHR) müssen im 1. Studienjahr einzelne Aspekte des eigenen Lernens in einem Lernreisebuch selbstverantwortlich dokumentiert und in einem Lernportfolio zusammengefasst werden. Als Verarbeitung der Erfahrungen der eigenen Lernreisen und als Modulabschluss erarbeiten die Studierenden ein zusammenfassendes Lernportfolio zu zwei Themenbereichen (Der Lehrberuf und...

Technical problem 1

Technical problem

UPDATE 4 minutes later, we are back on track. We have a small technical issue on certain blogs. We are working on it and hope things come back to normal very soon. Time is 10:00.