Kerrang with QR Code in magazine

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5 Responses

  1. jamie day says:

    this is ace…thing is my phone aint compatible yet…which sucks…but it will soon…I HOPE!

  2. mdornseif says:

    But unfortunately this tag contains only a number wich is only meaningfull to kaywa and it’s own reader software. To all other QRcode decoding devices on earth it’s just 20207331. Sure on the short run you might be able to charge somebody for giving out numbers, but I doubt that this is a suitable buiseness model on the long run. The advertiser would get much more value from putting real URLs in his QRcodes.

  3. Roger says:

    Hi Mdornseif, Fully agree. The only thing to use a shortcode would be the available space respectively the size of the code. We did propose that to Kerrang! for the next round. Also it’s very simple to get an URL out of this which is then readable by any QR Code Reader. Just add before the number and create an URL code:

    Kerrang! Mobile Site

  4. michael says:

    What if someone came up with the tech so that every phone in the world could be instantly QR compatible with a simple snapshot and no second access message??? THAT would would be HUGE for marketers in the US where it doesn’t exist….no?

  5. Roger says:

    That’s the job of the handset makers:) It is HUGE for marketers in Japan.

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