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Note: If you are the event organizer or the ticket collector, you always need a Kaywa ID first. Please open one at: http://id.kaywa.com

There are three roles:

  1. Event Organizer: creates the event, adds tickets, invites the ticket collectors. Before, during and after the event he can always overview what is happening.
  2. Ticket Buyer: buys the ticket via mobile, via web or by getting a classic ticket
  3. Ticket Collector at the Event: they use the Kaywa Ticket App to check the tickets of the Ticket Buyers at the event

1. Event Organizer creates an event

NOTE: Currently Kaywa will set up the event for you. Please contact us at contact@kaywa.com.

  • The event organizer creates first the event with title, description, place and date/time and hash (e.g. #EB2011).
  • Next, he adds tickets and chooses if he wants to offer classic tickets, mobile tickets or print@home tickets. Or all types of tickets at the same time.
  • Last but not least, he adds the ticket collectors by adding their usernames or inviting them to sign up. Once Ticket collectors have downloaded the Kaywa Ticket App and have signed in, they will see the appropriate event in the app.

Here is a demo event.

2. Ticket buyer buys Kaywa Ticket
Kaywa Tickets are available as classic tickets (we print them for you), as print@home and as mobile ticket. Mobile Tickets can be used with Mopay Web or SMS Billing.

If you want to get a Mobile Ticket, you can try it out by sending an SMS to:
0049 177 178 17 55 with TICKET

Here are some Kaywa Ticket screenshots:

Kaywa Ticket on an iPhone display

By clicking the green link “Bürkliplatz ZSG, Zürich”, you arrive at:
the DokoDare Place Bürkliplatz ZSG. When clicking on the Map, Google Maps is opened.

See also: Kaywa Ticket for the 2nd Android Community Event

Kaywa Ticket for Android Event
Kaywa Ticket for Android Event

3. Ticket Collector scans with the Kaywa Ticket App
Find it on the Android Market or on the App Store.

PS: You need a Kaywa ID to log in. Any Kaywa ID will do for the test event. For other events, only Ticket Collectors (Kaywa ID’s) authorized by the Event Organizer can see the event and scan tickets.

To test, you can scan this QR Code.

Test Ticket QR Code

NOTE: If not valid on IN, somebody before you already punched it. You can then use OUT to revalidate the ticket first and test it again with IN.

Kaywa Ticket App Factsheet (in german)
Kaywa Ticket Factsheet (PDF)

For Event Organizers:

Kaywa Ticket Logo
Ticket Logo (Illustrator File)