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Around the QR Code 0

Around the QR Code

Marketing people tend to forget that by now a lot of people have seen QR Codes, but… 1) they wouldn’t know that they are called “QR Codes” and 2) they wouldn’t know how to...

Why QR MGMT? 1


Last Friday, we updated our About page. Now, it’s called Why QR MGMT. Have a look.

Introducing New Premium Features 1

Introducing New Premium Features

Click this link, read about our PREMIUM features and if you like it, follow up with this page. Or scan this QR Code to read about our PREMIUM features FEEDBACK – WE LIKE We...

NEW: One Page Billing with Credit Cards 0

NEW: One Page Billing with Credit Cards

Since today, you can now order our products STARTER and ADVANCED directly with credit cards. It is no longer needed to use Paypal. See our QR MGMT Plans Overview QR MGMT Plans

Kaywa Reader for iPhone 0

Kaywa Reader for iPhone

Download the Kaywa Reader and spread some QR Code love! Kaywa Reader is lightning-fast and easy-to-use; it is simply the most beautiful QR Code scanner around. It is also the only one that lives...

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