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Keitai aka Mobile Phone Communication 0

Keitai aka Mobile Phone Communication

Just as Weblogs are distributing journalistic authority on the Internet, mobile media further de-centers information exchange by channeling it through networks that are persistently available to the mobile many. In his article for, Justin Hall writes: “Today most Weblogs are run by people chained to their computers. When video phones are widespread, we should...

Mobile Content 0

Mobile Content

Ever asked yourself about mobile content? This is what Japanese mobile content looks like: ezWeb Content. Here with some english translations. Check out there Emozi page as well. Further reading:Mobile Media JapanTheFeature

Positioning in digital assistants 0

Positioning in digital assistants

Recently we were asked to do a little research about mobile digital assistants and positioning in buildings. First we looked at GPS (Global Positioning System), as Japan and Korea do a lot of interesting stuff with gpsOne mobile phones. The problem with GPS is that it isn’t very precise – the range is something between...