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Mobile Location Tracking 1

Mobile Location Tracking

AP story on what is being described as the first major commercial service for tracking user locations via their cellphones in the UK: Mobile-tracing service raises eyebrows in U.K. In Asia this already started some time ago, see for example Joi’s or Nob Seki’s Moblog. Via Xeni

A Camera at all times 0

A Camera at all times

The man who developed the Personal Handyphone System looks back over a decade of mobile developments: “We are still in the early days of the keitai camera services. Judging by adoption rates, it appears that cameras will become a standard keitai function. We are on our way to becoming a country where half the population...

Rheingold about Moblogging 0

Rheingold about Moblogging

Howard Rheingold, the author of Smart Mobs didn’t attend the International Moblogging Conference in Tokyo, instead he wrote the following article: Moblogs Seen as a Crystal Ball for a New Era in Online Journalism Moblogging is at a convergence of technical capabilities with the insatiable human thirst for new ways to learn, create, and communicate,...

The worldwide camera phone market 0

The worldwide camera phone market

The worldwide camera phone market: 165 million camera phones in 2006 Image from a spring 2003 analyst briefing by Tony Thornley, president and chief operating officer at Qualcomm As Alan Reiter points out, there are other forecasts which are a bit less optimistic. Anyway, even 37 million, instead of 60 million in 2003 are quite...

OJR: Bright Future for Mobile Publishing 0

OJR: Bright Future for Mobile Publishing

It won’t be long, said Holahan, before “some globally significant event will be reported by an amateur camera phone blogger who takes a picture, provides a comment and publishes it to their personal phoneblog before professional reporters can do so.” The Online Journalism Review wrote an article about the impact of mobile publishing. Well worth...

What to do with a 3 G Phone? 0

What to do with a 3 G Phone?

3G Phones Let Time-Strapped Families See Each Other Every Day This is an interesting article by Tim Clark about the new video phones which are already available in Japan. After reading the article, I think that this “intimate” behaviour makes much sense for some businessman who want to keep in touch with their family. But...

Nokia and the Semantic Web 0

Nokia and the Semantic Web

Nokia: Nokia’s work on the Semantic Web was started in 1996 and predates the term itself. We have collaborated with the academia and various standards organizations, and contributed to all major Semantic Web standards and specifications. Interesting. Didn’t know about Nokia’s involvement in the Semantic Web. Update:Nokia Semantic Web Server. Via Danny Related: 2nd International...

The Mobinet Index 0

The Mobinet Index

The key findings from the latest Mobinet study of 5,600 mobile phone users in 15 countries: More than 80 percent of mobile phone users in the study were aware of the photo messaging capabilities of today’s mobile phones, and two-thirds said they were willing to pay to utilize those services. Among those under 19 years...