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i-mode Version 0

i-mode Version

All KAYWA Weblogs have now also an i-mode version. If you have a i-mode capable mobile phone, you will automatically get the i-mode version when you add “/mobile” to your weblog address. Example: i-mode is used in european countries like France, Germany, the Netherlands. i-mode was developed by NTTDoCoMo in Japan – the land...

Mobile Portal and new Mobile Version of all Weblogs 2

Mobile Portal and new Mobile Version of all Weblogs

KAYWA has updated its weblogs with a new mobile version*, our 5th mobile release already. All KAYWA weblogs are available on your mobile phone or PDA. We also created a mobile portal which makes it easy to search a weblog. MOBILE PORTAL Image: Mobile Portal at Create a new bookmark in your mobile phone:...

Nokia and Moblogs 0

Nokia and Moblogs

Russell Beattie:

The most interesting thing I heard was about Nokia’s enthusiasm for moblogs!

Mobile Learning 0

Mobile Learning

MOBIlearn: MOBIlearn is a worldwide European-led research and development project exploring context-sensitive approaches to informal, problem-based and workplace learning by using key advances in mobile technologies. More:Mobile Informatics Victoria InstituteKnowmobile Via Stefan

携帯: KEITAI and other japanese terms 0

携帯: KEITAI and other japanese terms

Urs tried to find out the original meaning of the word “KEITAI” / 携帯【けいたい】 携帯: KEITAI = (1) carrying something; (2) mobile telephone (abbr); (P) which uses the above kanji 携: KEI, tazusa(eru), tazusa(waru) = portable; carry (in hand); armed with; bring along 帯: TAI, obi(ru), obi = sash, belt, obi, zone To find out...

Neta from Camera Phones 0

Neta from Camera Phones

Camera phones changing the definition of picture-worthy: In Japanese, “material” for news and stories is called “neta.” The term has strong journalistic associations, but also gets used to describe material that can become the topic of conversation among friends or family: a new store seen on the way to work; a cousin who just dropped...

Camera phones likely Christmas presents 0

Camera phones likely Christmas presents

Another source predicting around 60 million camera-phone handsets for this year (after the Qualcomm study): Camera-phone market set to double by the end of the year says ARC Group analysts in Future Mobile Handsets 2003-2008 report: According to a report released today by analyst firm ARC Group, by the end of 2003 more than 55...

Camera-Phones will sell better than digital cameras this year 0

Camera-Phones will sell better than digital cameras this year

This is really big news, according to a report issued by Future Image, by mid-2004, sales of camera-phones, first introduced in the US in November 2002, could exceed the combined total sales of regular digital cameras and those using film. […] Henning, author of “The Camera-Phone Phenomenon” report, is among the speakers at the upcoming...

Mobile Content – Where's it going? 0

Mobile Content – Where's it going?

Mobile Content – Where’s it going? One way that this conundrum might be resolved is to use proper semantic markup, XHTML and RDF for the content and CSS for the presentation layer. Well, that’s exactly what KAYWA is doing;) See also: Camera Phones Save Lives