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Finally: Videoblogging! 2

Finally: Videoblogging!

You can now directly videoblog from your your mobile phone to your KAYWA weblog. The video file is then displayed as a link. As videos sent from a mobile are normally in 3gp, you are able to watch it again on any 3gp-enabled mobile phone. PS: Unfortunately Swisscom in Switzerland transforms the sent 3gp file...

More Moblogging, Admin and Aggregator News 0

More Moblogging, Admin and Aggregator News

MOBLOGGING (Sending MMS or email to your weblog) As some Samsung phones will not accept “+” in the email address, it is now also possible to send a MMS The old version will continue to work as well: ADMIN AUTHOR: Edit Author is better structured now. You can fill in your interests by...

New theme: FRANKFURT 0

New theme: FRANKFURT

We just added the new theme FRANKFURT, which you can find under: SETTINGS » DESIGN (THEMES) » Choose a Theme » frankfurt

NEW: French Version 0

NEW: French Version

KAYWA has now also a french version. In your administration interface go to Settings » Blog and than change the language to fr. Check by going to “View Site”. Your weblog should now be in french. See the picture below:

Anti-SPAM Measures 2

Anti-SPAM Measures

During the last two weeks, we had a lot of comment spam on several weblogs. As an immediate measure, we decided to add an input field where everyone who wants to leave a comment has to type the numbers written on the left side of the input field. We hope that this will reduce drastically...

Taking away (UI Design) 0

Taking away (UI Design)

What is true for Mailinator, is probably true for every software: More proof that great UI design is done by taking away, not adding things. Via Joel on Software