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Working with Stripe Data and R 0

Working with Stripe Data and R

I recently started working with R. As we use Stripe as one of our payment providers, I thought it might be interesting to use Stripe's CSV files and R to answer some of the questions every SaaS startup needs to know. Question: How many new, recurring and lost customers do we have per week? As...

Kaywa Recap for Winter 2014 0

Kaywa Recap for Winter 2014

During the “slow” winter season we worked hard to improve our QR Management so that you can solve your problems faster. Where is my code? If you are a client with plenty of codes and multiple campaigns, at some point you may have invested more time than needed to find one of your codes. As...

Downtime tomorrow morning 3

Downtime tomorrow morning

We need to run some tests on one of our server that has been a little bit capricious lately… The tests will be run tomorrow morning (23.01) around 9am. Expected downtime for KAYWA blogs: 30 minutes max.

Issue with one of the main servers 1

Issue with one of the main servers

UPDATE: It’s now 2:35 in the morning and the problem could be solved. The server is up and running again. We still investigate what caused the crash though. 23:28: Right now, one of our servers is having a problem and some blogs are currently offline. We’ll try to fix it as quickly as possible. Sorry...

Hardware defect – some blogs partially down 0

Hardware defect – some blogs partially down

This morning from 8:00 to 9:20, this site and about 1/10 of all our blogs were unreachable. This was due to a hardware defect and we had to exchange it physically. It took therefore more time till the servers were again up and running.

Datacenter maintenance on Friday 0

Datacenter maintenance on Friday

Our datacenter will be shutdown to install new equipement on Friday morning, March 17th. All KAYWA blogs will be unreachable from 4:00 am for approximately 2 hours. Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause you…

Traffic increase causes slowdown 0

Traffic increase causes slowdown

Since last tuesday, we had a heavy traffic increase on all our well-known blogs which slowed the Kaywa blogs down. After analysis (which takes always longer than we wish), we started to act. The Kaywa Server is still too slow, so tomorrow we will move more parts to other servers and we hope to get...

Technical problem 1

Technical problem

UPDATE 4 minutes later, we are back on track. We have a small technical issue on certain blogs. We are working on it and hope things come back to normal very soon. Time is 10:00.

Service Shut Down 0

Service Shut Down

Second step to face traffic growth is to move physically our servers. At 10.15am (Swiss time) this morning KAYWA weblogs will be offline for a maximum of 10 minutes. Sorry for the late notice and thank you for your understanding.