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Some first notes from the Moblogging Conference 0

Some first notes from the Moblogging Conference

The left side of the audience with from left to right Scott S. Fisher, Mizuko Ito, Pete and Joi Ito in the first row My presentation (best viewed with Mozilla Firebird) at the First International Moblogging Conference went fairly well, even though I encountered some connectivity problems. That’s why I finally had to adlib about...

Gen Kanai's party 0

Gen Kanai's party

Gen* made a party tonight. It was at Jake’s place. Thank you both guys – it was great! Next time we make the conference like this (^_^). So yes, it was a lot of fun and I had several interesting discussions with Michiko Nomura (on the left), Carsten Schwesig, Eduardo Sciammarella, Emi Hamano and Charles...

Have a J-Phone now 0

Have a J-Phone now

So I have a J-Phone now, thanks to Joi. I still have to figure out how to moblog with it. Well, I probably need the help of Sembo and Yae. I also met Pete who is a bit more jetlagged then me as he just came over from England today. Well I didn’t have my...

View from the Temple 0

View from the Temple

Sembo san and Yae san have a temple just 30 metres away from their house. I just had to step out of the door, climb the staircase and then make this picture.

Sembo is drawing a map 0

Sembo is drawing a map

Monorom showed me a lot of computer-drawn maps from her Tokyo friends. Well, the charm of a hand-drawn “chizu” won’t go away either. Btw there is a very cool chapter in Roland Barthes’ book Empire of Signs about handdrawn maps. The maps he published were also somewhat unusal.

Day at Meguro 0

Day at Meguro

I slept very well, just a bit too long – probably due to my Jetlag;) So far I very much like the climate here. I like when it is “mushi atsui”, and not so dry as in Europe.

It's 1:27 here and I missed… 0

It's 1:27 here and I missed…

… the Love Hotel Moblogging Conference. Well at the moment I just have no picture phone that is working and as I said, it’s already 1:27 in the morning here (compared with 18:27 back in Zurich). Btw: there’s another pre-conference: 24 Hours of Moblogging. Via Mobitopia