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etoy switches to KAYWA 0

etoy switches to KAYWA

the KAYWA blog platform provides a perfect solutions to the problem of managing knowledge in this distributed context. As a collaborative tool blogs unlock, transfer, and mediate latent knowledge among the etoy.CREW and the general public. More at

Try the Sandbox (german front version) 0

Try the Sandbox (german front version)

ENGLISH The Sandbox is here to test the KAYWA Blog Software. It’s still in a beta stage, but it gives you an idea how it will work. To post you have to main possibilities: Send a picture via mobile device (MMS/GPRS Email) or as email attachement to Go to and login with kaywa...

Slides from Tokyo 0

Slides from Tokyo

Several people asked where one can find our slides from the First International Moblogging Conference in Tokyo. Here they are: MOBLOGS: From the mob into the corporation?* * We slightly modified our slides since then.

Burning Man 2003 0

Burning Man 2003

Check out Gregor’s cool photos from Burning Man 2003 on the KAYWA Eventblog. And read Justin’s Personal Life Annotation Devices It’s hard to overestimate the impact of cameras in mobile phones. They are going to change not only the way we interact with our devices, but the way we interact with our governments, our pop...

Reactions to the KAYWA Event Blog 0

Reactions to the KAYWA Event Blog

alsandra wrote: hallo vielleicht erinnert ihr euch noch an die machten das selbe wie ihr vor drei jahren – mit gewöhnlichen fotos – und gingen leider unter, trotz hilfe von ich hoffe, ihr habt einen besseren business plan. viel erfolg! alsandra we did some research, and found the following press release we sent...

Working on the Eventblog 1

Working on the Eventblog

First you need a GPRS enabled phone.# Picture Take a picture Options => Send => Via e-mail Email Address/Subject To:* Subject: Title of your photo Password/Category or Gallery Add the password on the first line (body text) Add a colon – “:” -, immediately after your password Add the shortcut of your category or...