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PHP and XSLT Developer 0

PHP and XSLT Developer

KAYWA AG is recruiting a skilled PHP-Developer for permanent employment. The ideal candidate will have: * Very good knowledge in PHP and OO programming in PHP. * Linux, Apache experience * Very good knowledge in XSLT/XML-RPC/XHTML * Mobile data and internet systems experience (also billing systems) * CMS, Weblog experience. * Proven record in developing...

KAYWA Press mentions 0

KAYWA Press mentions

Recent mentions of KAYWA in the swiss press: KAYWA Moblogs were mentioned by Thomas Benkö in Click Blick, April 7, 2004. See also BNK Moblog A long interview about blogging, moblogging with the KAYWA CEO in “Blog On!” by Aradhna Sethi in Swissnews (April 2004) Tages-Anzeigers Simone Luchetta writes about Weblogs and KAYWA in Stadtgeschichten...

Servers were down 0

Servers were down

Our servers were down this morning. Although nothing which was sent, was lost. We apologize nevertheless for the inconviences caused.