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Blogging mit Strategie 0

Blogging mit Strategie

Pressemitteilung: Blogging mit Strategie This press release is only available in german. PDF VersionPDF zum Download (83.2 KB) HTML Version Blogging mit Strategie Kooperation ermöglicht strategische Beratung bei der Integration von Weblogs in den Kommunikationsmix Kaywa AG, führender Schweizer Weblog-Anbieter, bietet neu auch Strategische Unternehmens- und Kommunikationsberatung an. Dazu kooperiert das Unternehmen mit dem Campaigning-Pionier...

KAYWA is CTI Certified 2

KAYWA is CTI Certified

Two days ago KAYWA got the CTI Start-Up Label. We are now a CTI Certified Company. Many thanks to all who made this possible, especially our coach Christian Brand. Certificate (PDF)

Offline (Hardware Ausfall bei Init7) 0

Offline (Hardware Ausfall bei Init7)

Offline Our hoster Init7 had a hardware problem (switch). As a result we were offline (not pingable) for about an hour. Fortunately the problem was quickly solved. We apologize for any inconvenience caused Official Announcement by Init 7: Dear Customer, Today after 13:00, our distribution switch in the Layer One datacenter died. A technician had...

Trackbacks are currently disabled 0

Trackbacks are currently disabled

Due to a massive trackback spam not yet filtered out with our blacklist, we had to disable momentarily all trackbacks. We will check the incoming trackbacks against our blacklist and filter out all existing SPAM trackbacks for the next three weeks. When the trackbacks are back, we will inform you again via Trackbacks and...

KAYWA in the Press (Le Temps, Migros-Magazin) 0

KAYWA in the Press (Le Temps, Migros-Magazin)

Recently KAYWA was mentioned in: Et maintenant les moblogs d’Anouch Seydtaghia De son côté, la firme suisse KAYWA a lancé son site très complet ouvert aussi bien aux bloggers qu’aux mobloggers ( […] Depuis peu, Kaywa est directement disponible via Orange World, le site mobile d’Orange. LE TEMPS, Mercredi 2 Février 2005, p.3 and a...

KAYWA on Orange 0

KAYWA on Orange

I already spoke about the new mobile version which is ready to check out for everyone. KAYWA on ORANGE KAYWA is also available directly via Orange World (Switzerland), which means you can be online as long as you want on all KAYWA weblogs by paying CHF 5.- per month for the GPRS flatrate (Orange Express)...

More disk space for you 0

More disk space for you

Available diskspace is now: Moblogger: 30 MB Premium: 100 MB Small Business: 200 MB Compare with / And if you still need more, you can always contact us.

New Mobile Version on all Premium Weblogs (beta) 0

New Mobile Version on all Premium Weblogs (beta)

Best viewed on GX-20 and GX-30 Sharp Mobile Phones. Just add “/mobile” to the normal weblog address (Premium and Small Business Weblogs only) to get the mobile version: Check out:The new EM 2004 Mobile Blog by eBund Mobile Weblog Fengkov’s Galleries’s Contrechamp

Network Maintenance on May 31, 20-22:00 0

Network Maintenance on May 31, 20-22:00

Our servers will be inaccessible on May 31 from 20:00 till maximum 22:00 (GMT +2) due to network maintenance. The inaccessibility will be kept as short as possible. We thank you for your understanding