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This is Sembo san. Tomorrow he and Yae will help their friends for La Nuit Japonesque at Super Deluxe. See also Just a day later, I will have my presentation at the same place. Funny, isn’t it? Or – well done, Miss Monorom;)

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This is Yae san, digging for some music*. Her family name is Akaiwa. If this isn’t a good omen;) * Right now we are listening toBudakhan Mindphone – A Mini – Album Composed, Performed and Produced by Tom Jenkinson, Mastered by Frank Arkwright

Night at Meguro 0

Night at Meguro

I am online now via Ethernet. I encountered some problems so far with wireless. I finally arrived in Tokyo, where it rains a bit (ame ga shito shito furimasu). I had a wonderful dinner at Yae and Sembo’s house. The gyoza were just fantastic – oishii;) Visit Exonemo For the next few days I will...

KAYWA, Moblogging in the News 0

KAYWA, Moblogging in the News

Le Temps wrote yesterday about KAYWA in it’s article “Que faire avec son téléphone-caméra? Raconter sa vie en direct sur Internet!”. Des Suisses se lancent aussi dans l’aventure. Ainsi, le Zurichois Roger Fischer (…) présentera le 5 juillet à Tokyo, lors de la première Conférence internationale de moblogging, sa plate-forme Kaywa, permettant de mieux organiser...

Cool FOAF idea by Urs 0

Cool FOAF idea by Urs

Urs (pic; blog) posted his Proposal – Postback: posting into others blogs. Very cool idea:) Update:Bernhard delves even deeper into the discussion.

Log Format Roadmap 1

Log Format Roadmap

Sam Ruby started the Log Format Roadmap: This wiki is a vendor-neutral space for agreeing on a new log format that is: 100% vendor neutral, implementable by everybody, anywhere, for any reason freely extensible by anybody, anywhere, for any reason cleanly and thoroughly specified. Here’s the project roadmap: Decide on the conceptual model of a...

Kaywa launches 0

Kaywa launches

It feels good to end our self-inflicted NDA. Kaywa Ltd are the result of a collaboration of switzerland’s weblog pioneers to bring (mo)blogging to the masses. Roger will unveil our tool at the first International Moblogging Conference in Tokyo. Meanwhile, we are getting ready with the public beta of our new product. We will waive...