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QR MGMT: STARTER with 40% off till end of January 0

QR MGMT: STARTER with 40% off till end of January

QR MANAGEMENT: STARTER 40% off till end of January And STARTER comes now at $99/Year instead of $165/Year. See our QR MGMT Plans Overview for more information. FEEDBACK – WE LIKE We also welcome feedback. Send us an email, if you have any question. We are happy to answer them. Or you can post questions...

New and Free: Contact available on QR Generator 1

New and Free: Contact available on QR Generator

You can now also create Contacts on by selecting the option next to URL, Text, Phone Number, SMS. Creating Contacts is completely free for logged in users. Create your login here if you don’t have one already.

Free QR Codes or QR MGMT? It's your choice. 0

Free QR Codes or QR MGMT? It's your choice.

As the first western QR Company, Kaywa offers a free QR Code Generator on its site since 2006. Next to that Kaywa also offered it’s QR Management (QR MGMT) which provided tracking, analytics, changeable QR Codes and support to business customers. What was separated before, is now offered via the same site to...

Kaywa in San Francisco 0

Kaywa in San Francisco

Since June 16, Kaywa opened its doors in San Francisco. You can find us at 730 Montgomery Street. Here is a view of San Francisco from Bernal Heights:

SCAN AND TAP (Kaywa Reader on iPhone) 1

SCAN AND TAP (Kaywa Reader on iPhone)

SCAN & TAP!Download the Kaywa Reader from the AppStore SCAN THE QR CODE GET THE RESULT… TAP THE PICTURE TO OPEN… …OR TURN THE PICTURE & CLICK THE GREEN BUTTON TO OPEN ACCESS THE HISTORY ANYTIME As the Kaywa Reader gives you a lot of context information via the scan photo, we recommend to scan...

Kaywa führt Blueblog weiter 1

Kaywa führt Blueblog weiter

Ruedi Baumann vom Auswandererblog berichtet folgendes: Bekanntlich will die Swisscom ihre Bloggerplattform bluewin auf Ende Jahr aufheben. Das ist zwar für alle Blueblogger und ihre Besucher ärgerlich, aber angesichts der zahlreichen anderen weltweit tätigen Bloggerplattformen (WordPress, Google usw.) irgendwie akzeptabel. Weniger akzeptabel finde ich allerdings, dass die Swisscom (bzw. ihr Blogbetreiber Kaywa) für die Migration...

Betty Bossi Blog 0

Betty Bossi Blog

Seit gestern ist der Betty Bossi Blog auf deutsch und französisch online. Speziell daran ist , dass alle einfach neue Rezepte hochladen können, die zudem einem guten Zweck dienen. Weitere Goodies: eine Umfrage-Modul sowie die mobile Version des Blogs via QR Code:

Bot Attack! 1

Bot Attack!

Today Kaywa was slowed down by several bots. On the Kaywa blogs it was a Telstra i-mode bot from Australia, and just some minutes ago, there was a russian bot making a lot of trouble. Well now, we just had enough for today and block them out! Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Liveblogging from Cannes and Orbit-iEX 0

Liveblogging from Cannes and Orbit-iEX

CANNES FILMFESTIVAL Like every year Sandrine blogs live from Cannes. Moland reported some minutes ago that she just arrived in Cannes.So watch: ORBIT-iEX New this year, we will have liveblogging (in german) from Orbit-iEx, the swiss fair about IT and Communication. Peter Metzinger from the pro:campaigning blog announces: Ab dem 16. Mai werde ich...

The Blogger of tomorrow is a woman 1

The Blogger of tomorrow is a woman

In the article Das öffentliche Tagebuch (PDF) (the public diary) from, CEO Roger Fischer was asked about the future of blogging in Switzerland. He said that as blogging becomes more mainstream, more women will join the blogosphere : Noch seien es oft junge Männer mit Affinität zur Technik, sagt Roger Fischer, Geschäftsführer des Weblog-Anbieters...