Author: Jovan Milicevic

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How Dynamic QR Codes saved my day

Here is a short story how Dynamic QR Codes can save your day. Our friends from Tekoia in Israel created the SURE Universal Remote, an Android application that works as a universal remote. In May 2015 they wanted to present the SURE Universal Remote app at two events in Shanghai, China. Their booth was ready...


3 stupid reasons why QR Codes fail

It is the year 2015, more than 20 years since the first QR Codes showed up, and 10 years since Kaywa brought them to the West and we still have the same issues. It looks weird that mobile phones advanced so much during the last several years, but, on the other hand, there is not...

Kaywa Recap for Winter 2014 0

Kaywa Recap for Winter 2014

During the “slow” winter season we worked hard to improve our QR Management so that you can solve your problems faster. Where is my code? If you are a client with plenty of codes and multiple campaigns, at some point you may have invested more time than needed to find one of your codes. As...