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Around the QR code

Marketing people tend to forget that by now a lot of people have seen QR Codes, but…

1) they wouldn’t know that they are called “QR Codes” and

2) they wouldn’t know how to search an app that scans them.

See this report if you are not convinced yet, especially slide 2 and 3:

Consumer Behaviour and QR Codes (PDF from Consumerpulse)

To make this a bit less difficult for the common people, we suggest to add some information around the QR Code. Like Design QR Codes, this increases scan rates significantly.

Here are some suggestions how to promote the Kaywa Reader for the iPhone and the iPad as well as for Android devices.

NOTE: Below each image, you find the EPS file that any graphic designer could use with a QR Code.

And you can create QR Codes at our site: qrcode.kaywa.com.

Scan this QR Code with the Kaywa Reader / black (.eps)

Scan this QR Code with the Kaywa Reader / white (.eps)

Scan this QR Code with the Kaywa Reader / top (.eps)

Scan Me with Kaywa Reader (.eps)

Scan and Like (.eps)

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