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How Dynamic QR Codes saved my day

Here is a short story how Dynamic QR Codes can save your day.

Our friends from Tekoia in Israel created the SURE Universal Remote, an Android application that works as a universal remote. In May 2015 they wanted to present the SURE Universal Remote app at two events in Shanghai, China. Their booth was ready with a QR Code printed on it. Everything had been tested in Israel and everything had worked great. But…

Here is the story directly from Debbie, VP Marketing at Tekoia:

Debbie Cohen Abravanel, VP Marketing at Tekoia

The Chinese love QR codes so we had very large ones printed on each of our booths for the two events we attended in Shanghai in May 2015, the CES Asia 2015 and the Home Automation Conference.

I set the QR code using a bit.ly shortener URL so I could track how many people scanned the QR code at each event. The link was to redirect directly to our brand new Chinese website.

The CEO and the Director of Marketing arrived the day before the first event and naturally the first thing they did was check the QR code on our booth graphics. I then received a call and they told me it didn’t work. It landed on the bit.ly site but didn’t redirect to our new Chinese website! Of course it would have been a disaster if it didn’t work. We had spent weeks getting the Chinese website live especially for these two events.

It was very lucky that I had created a Dynamic QR code on Kaywa so within minutes I upgraded to a paid subscription and edited the URL to go directly to the Chinese site. And of course Kaywa would now do the tracking for me.

I sent a quick email to the CEO telling him everything was fixed, and went to sleep soundly.


Tekoia both, Shanghai, May 2015

Debbie was smart to create Dynamic QR Codes from the start. Kaywa offers free Dynamic QR Codes, so it makes sense to be better safe than sorry.

Once she realized there is an issue with the QR Code she could change it via Kaywa’s QR Management in a matter of seconds. And voilà, her QR Code worked again.

It is that easy! So think ahead and use Dynamic QR codes from the start.

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