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Kaywa Recap for Winter 2014

During the “slow” winter season we worked hard to improve our QR Management so that you can solve your problems faster.

Where is my code?

If you are a client with plenty of codes and multiple campaigns, at some point you may have invested more time than needed to find one of your codes.

As some of you asked for a search function to make life easier, we added the code search function to our site in late December. Now it is a matter of seconds to find the right code. You can search by title, destination address (URL) or by hash, the part after a domain name like kaywa.me.

Upgrade to HTTP 301

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most used techniques to increase the number of visitors to your site. By default, we used HTTP 302 redirection because Dynamic QR Codes can be changed at some point. Since HTTP 301, or permanent URL redirection, is better for SEO, we now fully support it.  All our users on Premium, Premium Plus and Enterprise plans can get it per request.

Better user experience with continuity

Just imagine that you have 200 codes and 10 campaigns. You opened your 19th campaign, called “2014 Marketing”, and you visited the “Stats” (statistics)  for a particular code. In the past, when you were finished with the statistics, and you clicked on the “Campaign” tab to go back to your dashboard, you needed to find your campaign and code again.

With our latest changes, you will now get back to the same place that you left while on your dashboard. So if you have opened a code or a campaign on the dashboard, you will return to the same place after your visit to “Stats”.


We are always looking forward to hearing from you regarding any improvements.


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