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Kaywa’s Response to the Heartbleed Bug

As reported in the news this week, a bug nick-named heartbleed* was reported in OpenSSL, the open source cryptographic library used by websites around the world to protect users information being transmitted over the internet.

Like many other teams, we took immediate action to patch the vulnerability in our infrastructure.

Kaywa is no longer vulnerable.

Though we have no evidence of malicious behavior, we’ve taken the extra precaution of logging you out of Kaywa on the web and mobile.

We encourage you to change your password not only on Kaywa, but everywhere, as 66% of all internet services worldwide have been affected.
Before changing your password, make sure that the vulnerability has been patched by your other service providers.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email to security@kaywa.com.

Your Kaywa Team

* http://heartbleed.com

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