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Free QR Codes or QR MGMT? It's your choice.

As the first western QR Company, Kaywa offers a free QR Code Generator on its site qrcode.kaywa.com since 2006.
Next to that Kaywa also offered it’s QR Management (QR MGMT) which provided tracking, analytics, changeable QR Codes and support to business customers.

What was separated before, is now offered via the same site qrcode.kaywa.com to everybody.

QR MGMT: Creation, Changeability, Download as EPS, PDF and PNG

Click on image of the QR MGMT Dashboard to see it in bigger size

Kaywa’s QR Code Management helps you to start safely in the world of QR Codes.

QR MGMT: Analytics and Support

If you click the stats button of any QR Code or the stats navigation link, you will either access one particular QR Code or all taken together.

Scan Statistics
Choose your QR Code (if not already chosen via the Dashboard), then choose the time span.

Click on image of the QR MGMT to see it in bigger size

Details View: Technology and Location

Details is updated every 5 minutes and gives you more insight about the scans. In the Overview you quickly get the most important OS, Device, Country and City and the OS and Country Pie Charts.

Click on image of the QR MGMT to see it in bigger size

Technology is further dissected in OS and Devices, so that you can quickly see how many iPads, iPhones or iPads are for example in the iOS category. A Pie Chart visualizes the data.

Location is further dissected in Countries and Cities and here as well a pie chart helps to visualize the data.

Last but not least, we help you with your QR Code campaigns when you are subscriber to our QR MGMT service. You can call us by phone, skype or reach us via our support page or email.

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