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Kaywa Ticket and the Ticket Scanner App at Electronic Beats in Cologne

Mobile Ticketing at Electronic Beats

Kaywa Ticket Scanner App and Kaywa Ticket in action.
Photos courtesy of Hans Reimer

Electronic Beats Festival at E-Werk in Cologne (photo, photo) is over and our first mobile ticketing showcase was going great, also thanks to Detlev, Hans, Mauro, Dirk and Kalle!

We saw our mobile tickets in all shapes and sizes – some on very old black and white phones, some printed out, but most on smart phones either iPhone or Android.
All tickets could be scanned without a problem by our new Ticket Scanner App and we never had to use the Denso Scanner which we brought with us as a backup (see photo).

We are still amazed about the very good feedback we got from people who used mobile ticketing. They liked it very much and most were surprised how easy it is to get a ticket. Here is how it worked:
First you sent a SMS to 43210 with EB2011, then you got a confirmation SMS, asking you to say yes (JA) if you wanted to purchase a ticket for 17 Euros.
If you sent a SMS with yes (JA), you got a SMS saying: Here is your ticket and a link to the ticket was provided. Once you clicked the link you saw the Kaywa Ticket:

With the ticket on your phone, you came to us, and we scanned it from the phone screen with our Ticket Scanner App preinstalled on two Android phones and you got a wristband in magenta. Some of our clients were completely baffled by this: “A phone ticket scanned by another phone! Amazing!”

From now on, your ticket was invalid:


We also sold a lot of tickets at the event itself which will become one of the killer arguments for mobile ticketing:


If you want to see Kaywa Ticketing in action, watch this short video:

Kaywa Ticket and Ticket Scanner App on Android from Kaywa on Vimeo.

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