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The Non-Commercial QR Code Generator made more than 1 Mio Page Impressions this November!

The non-commercial QR Code Generator made over 1 Mio Page Impressions in November, – 1’086’808 Page Impressions to be correct.

The QR-AD on it, is also doing very well:
9’857 Clicks, see Stats made public
4’946 Scans, see Stats made public
CTR = 0.91%, SCR = 0.46%, CTR+SCR= 1.37%
See also: What one QR-Ad can add: Page Impressions, Clicks, QR Code Scans

2 Weeks QR-AD for free with the Annual Offer (PUA1Y)
The use of the QR-AD placement for 2 Weeks is included in our commercial annual offer (PUA1Y) for the creation and tracking of QR Codes incl. “direct scan to site” Kaywa Reader.

PUA1Y Pricing per Year
6000 Euro (with 12’000 Scans)
9600 Euro (unlimited Scans)

See Pricing for the commercial offer: QR Code Pricing (Powerpoint)
See also our QR Code Guide (PDF) for the difference between non-commercial and commercial.

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