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Political Parties in Zurich: QR Codes and SMS Alerts

QR Codes
Here an overview of the QR Codes of all political parties on NZZvotum. Use the Kaywa Reader to scan the QR Codes. (See with your operator for data charges. Normally and without a flat rate, they are under CHF 0.10 per page.)

SMS Alerts
To subscribe, send an SMS to 202 with the bold keywords you find below (ex. Alert 2100003 for SP). You will then get notified by SMS everytime a new post is published. Cost: CHF 0.20 per SMS.
To unsubscribe, send an SMS to 202 with Alert 2100003 STOP.

SVP: Alert 2100002 SP: Alert 2100003 FDP: Alert 2100004
GP: Alert 2100005 CVP: Alert 2100006 EVP: Alert 2100007
GLP: Alert 2100008 EDU: Alert 2100009 AL: Alert 2100010

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