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Mobile Tagging and SMS Alerts on Bleublog

It’s Christmas time and Bleublog, our sky rocket blog platform from Suisse romande in partnership with Edipresse*, offers some new cool services:

Let’s start with QR Codes. You will discover now on all Bleublog blogs a QR Code. This makes it possible to access your blog the easy way with your mobile. Download the Kaywa Reader and your mobile life will change forever. Believe me- it did for half of the japanese population already – and once your hooked, you easily forget how complicated all this mobile stuff was before.

Next are the SMS Services

And let us finish gracefully with the new themes you can choose. They will soon be available on all other Kaywa frameworks as well:) New Weblog Themes

* Over 320’000 unique visitors per month and page views in the millions;)

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