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Apologies – the old framework caused us some trouble

The old framework of Kaywa (about 10% of the whole infrastructure) took a dive earlier this night and went silent. Our valiant Vali took immediately his car (around 8:20 pm) and went to the servers. As it was not an easy task, it took him longer than expected to fix all the issues.

So thank you Vali who missed the game (Zizou respectively France won by the way) and our dearest apologies to all who wanted to read or post before or during the game.

We are transferring all blogs from the old to the new framework, but it takes time. At the same time, the growth rate on all frameworks is constantly high. As an example I just want to mention the football blogs which you can find here. Some of them just added 4-5000 visits a day from day one.

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