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Blogging with Writely

How to configure Writely to post from Writely to your blog (Click on image)

As the MetaWeblog API is available on all KAYWA Blogs you can now blog with other clients than your webbrowser or MMS and email. A recent addition is Writely, thanks to the help of Claudia from Writely.

To post from Writely, you do the follwing:
1) Open a new Writely Document
2) Write your Blogpost Attention: You can upload images to Writely, but be aware that these images will be stored on Writely and not on your KAYWA Blog. So they won’t show on your mobile device for example.
3) Click the “Blog” Button in the Navigation
4) Go to Blog Settings and do for your blog the same as you can see above on the picture (MetaWeblog API etc.)
5) Post to Blog
6) Your done

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