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Moblogging Address (Release 1.4.)

Before you had to use a combination of username.password@subdomain.kaywa.com.
Now you can use whatever you want before the “@”.

Go to your Administration interface (http://subdomain.kaywa.com/admin). Then click “Edit Author”. The third line after username and password is the moblogging address (see image). Just write whatever you want before the “@”.

This way you can give out your moblogging address to your friends, without giving them access to your weblog. A good scenario is a party where you want to encourage people to send their MMS to your weblog. After the party, you just change the moblogging address again, so that others can now longer post.

More about the Release 1.4. will follow:
Podcasting, RSS 2.0, Latest Comments on your mobile, the About Page…

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