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KAYWA on Orange

I already spoke about the new mobile version which is ready to check out for everyone.

KAYWA is also available directly via Orange World (Switzerland), which means you can be online as long as you want on all KAYWA weblogs by paying CHF 5.- per month for the GPRS flatrate (Orange Express) and CHF 5.-/month for Moblogger. So for CHF 10.-/month you can now use posts via internet email and comment any KAYWA blog via GPRS instead of using SMS.

If you want to MMS as well, you have to pay a bit more. Take the example of 20 MMS per month, which is – according to recent statistics – 5 MMS more than the european, american average. We also suggest you always go for a good picture quality which means more than 30 KB per picture (maybe you later want to print out the pictures which is easy with KAYWA).

Instead of spending CHF 20.- for the MMS alone, you choose the Orange World option for CHF 9.- which includes flatrate GPRS, 20 MMS and 20 SMS. Together with the CHF 5.- per month for Moblogger you are now at CHF 14.- altogether (GPRS, MMS, Moblogger account).

So you finally come to a total of CHF 14.- per month and if you like to have a Premium you have CHF 18.- per month which is still ok compared to an average of over CHF 80.- of monthly telephone costs. And as mentioned above you even get some additional 20 SMS for all the stuff that doesn’t belong on a non-password protected weblog.

With your friends you can now interact from the web and from the mobile seamlessly at a very reasonable cost. Imagine all the scenarios which become possible and you must be amazed.

If you are an Orange Customer, you find KAYWA at:
1) http://wap.orange.ch
2) Go to Kiosk on the Orange World
Orange World » Channels » Kiosk
3) Fun & Leisure
4) KAYWA Weblogs

Otherwise go directly to:

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