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MMS/GPRS Configuration in Switzerland

Deutsche Version (German Version).

If you want to moblog, respectively to send pictures to your blog with your mobile phone, your mobile has to be configured for Multimedia Messages (MMS) and/or Email (via GPRS).

To configure your mobile for MMS and Email, you go to your local telco – in Switzerland that would be Swisscom, Orange or Sunrise. Normally they send you back an SMS with all the configurations on it.

If you are new to this stuff, you probably better call the hotline and you tell them that you want both – MMS and Email via GPRS.

We suggest to use Email and not MMS, as after our tests the picture quality of pictures sent via Email compared to pictures sent as MMS is by far superior. MMS seems to compress the picture once again which gives you these “jaggy” pictures.

MMS Konfigurator
Hotline: 0800 55 64 64

MMS/WAP Konfigurator
Hotline: 0800 700 700

MMS/E-Mail/WAP Konfigurator
Hotline: 0800 22 44 22

PS: More about GPRS from Russell Beattie

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