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The QR-AD – a new way of banner advertising

THE QR-AD «Double Your Audience. Talk Mobile & Web.» UPDATE (October 7, 2011) We are now at (September 6 – October 6): 1,112,829 Visits, 732,055 Unique Visitors, 2,854,951 Pageviews.That’s more than 2.8 million Pageviews!...


Response time problems on some of our blogs

Since this morning we have on some of our blogs a response time problem. We are currently checking what causes the problem. We will update you on our DokoDare #kaywazh place page for upcoming...


Kaywa führt Blueblog weiter

Ruedi Baumann vom Auswandererblog berichtet folgendes: Bekanntlich will die Swisscom ihre Bloggerplattform bluewin auf Ende Jahr aufheben. Das ist zwar für alle Blueblogger und ihre Besucher ärgerlich, aber angesichts der zahlreichen anderen weltweit tätigen...


Extended Packaging with Shui Tang

Shui Tang, the teahouse in Zurich, Switzerlandhttp://www.shuitang.ch Click image for a bigger one or download image as zip file QR Code goes directly to: More at mobile.kaywa.com Extended Packaging


Shui Tang – Work in Progress

We published a german post about our work on Shui Tang and more recently an english post on mobile.kaywa.com. Why do we like the work regarding Shui Tang? Because it simply is a great...