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Beautiful Moblog Example

As we are working towards are new moblog… Appreciate Kurt’s beautiful Moblog in the meantime. and read: Technosocial Situations, Emergent Structurings of Mobile Email Use also found via Easterwood


A MPEG-4 Waterloo?

Via Mobile Media Japan: In a confusing move, US-based MPEG LA, LLC, which manages the collective MPEG related patents for the MPEG-4 visual compression standard, delivered a 47-page agreement (in English) to befuddled Japanese...


Strains of Camera Phone Demand

Via Mobile Media Japan One development Nikkei recently reported is an ongoing shortage of camera phone lenses: “Camera-equipped cell phones, which debuted in late 2000, made up roughly 33.7 percent of total cell phone...


Understanding user demand

Operators must market content that customers want yet the industry lacks a track record in understanding user demand beyond the current voice and SMS-based offerings. Via this


First Million-Pixel Phones

DoCoMo to launch first million-pixel phones The new handsets, with resolution four times sharper than existing models and suitable for making standard-sized prints, are expected to put cellphones in competition with entry-model digital cameras....


Computer illiteracy due to mobile phones

Japan’s Generation of Computer Refuseniks Most teens and young adults in Japan rarely use computers to surf the World Wide Web. Instead they use cell phones to access a scaled-down wireless Web. The result:...


Keitai aka Mobile Phone Communication

Just as Weblogs are distributing journalistic authority on the Internet, mobile media further de-centers information exchange by channeling it through networks that are persistently available to the mobile many. In his article for TheFeature.com,...


Mobile Content

Ever asked yourself about mobile content? This is what Japanese mobile content looks like: ezWeb Content. Here with some english translations. Check out there Emozi page as well. Further reading:Mobile Media JapanTheFeature


Positioning in digital assistants

Recently we were asked to do a little research about mobile digital assistants and positioning in buildings. First we looked at GPS (Global Positioning System), as Japan and Korea do a lot of interesting...