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Cool FOAF idea by Urs

Urs (pic; blog) posted his Proposal – Postback: posting into others blogs. Very cool idea:) Update:Bernhard delves even deeper into the discussion.


Log Format Roadmap

Sam Ruby started the Log Format Roadmap: This wiki is a vendor-neutral space for agreeing on a new log format that is: 100% vendor neutral, implementable by everybody, anywhere, for any reason freely extensible...


Kaywa launches

It feels good to end our self-inflicted NDA. Kaywa Ltd are the result of a collaboration of switzerland’s weblog pioneers to bring (mo)blogging to the masses. Roger will unveil our tool at the first...


Nokia and the Semantic Web

Nokia: Nokia’s work on the Semantic Web was started in 1996 and predates the term itself. We have collaborated with the academia and various standards organizations, and contributed to all major Semantic Web standards...


The Mobinet Index

The key findings from the latest Mobinet study of 5,600 mobile phone users in 15 countries: More than 80 percent of mobile phone users in the study were aware of the photo messaging capabilities...


Is this the Future?

Everyone looking at his/hers mobile phone and moblogging 😉 (Picture from Zak’s beta blog)


Vodafone Live: not conversational enough

Great article about the Mobile market from IHT: Vodafone pulls ahead in data race “Vodafone Live puts a great message on top of weak services,” she said in a recent research note, while a...


US: 15 Pictures Sent Per Month

Camera phone stats from Business 2.0 column Since January, T-Mobile users have sent more than 1 million photos to one another. Sprint PCS (PCS) president Len Lauer recently said that camera phone owners send...


Megapixel camera phone on sale

Update (2003-06-16): ZDNet Mobile Japan writes about the new J-SH53. See the image samples below. Via Melody: May 23, 2003 Mega-Pixel A image taken with a mega-pixel cell-phone digital camera recently released.http://www.zdnet.co.jp/mobile/0305/22/l_maga1.jpg *** Megapixel...