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Vom Code auf Papier zum Inhalt im Mobiltelefon

(German Press Release) Vom Code auf Papier zum Inhalt im Mobiltelefon QR-Codes für europäische Handys Das mühsame Eintippen von Informationen auf dem Handy ist Vergangenheit: die Technologie der Quick Response Codes erlaubt es, mit...


The Kaywa Reader

Download the above as PDF Links:Download Kaywa ReaderQR Code GeneratorMore about QR Codes Tags: QR Code, Semacode, Datamatrix, Kaywa Reader


KAYWA's office in Lausanne

KAYWA has now a second office in Lausanne… here is the address and phone number: KAYWA AG Rue Pichard 9 CH-1003 Lausanne Tel +41 21 311 66 81 Update your contact 🙂


Short interruptions

Following the power outage on tuesday, our hoster will be working on the backbone between 5:15 and 8:00. Short interruptions of the service is expected. Sorry for the inconvenience and the short notice.



Our hoster had a temporary downtime for a bit more than an hour just before 9 o’clock (swiss time). We will enquire for the cause and let you know as soon as possible. We...


Bot Attack!

Today Kaywa was slowed down by several bots. On the Kaywa blogs it was a Telstra i-mode bot from Australia, and just some minutes ago, there was a russian bot making a lot of...


Liveblogging from Cannes and Orbit-iEX

CANNES FILMFESTIVAL Like every year Sandrine blogs live from Cannes. Moland reported some minutes ago that she just arrived in Cannes.So watch: contrechamp.kaywa.com ORBIT-iEX New this year, we will have liveblogging (in german) from...


Bleublog has over 5000 Blogs now

The weblog portal Bleublog has over 5000 Weblogs now. This incredible growth was achieved in only two months*. So far 18476 posts and 17518 comments have been posted. This translates to a daily average...