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This is Sembo san. Tomorrow he and Yae will help their friends for La Nuit Japonesque at Super Deluxe. See also Just a day later, I will have my presentation at the same...



This is Yae san, digging for some music*. Her family name is Akaiwa. If this isn’t a good omen;) * Right now we are listening toBudakhan Mindphone – A Mini – Album Composed, Performed...


Night at Meguro

I am online now via Ethernet. I encountered some problems so far with wireless. I finally arrived in Tokyo, where it rains a bit (ame ga shito shito furimasu). I had a wonderful dinner...


KAYWA, Moblogging in the News

Le Temps wrote yesterday about KAYWA in it’s article “Que faire avec son téléphone-caméra? Raconter sa vie en direct sur Internet!”. Des Suisses se lancent aussi dans l’aventure. Ainsi, le Zurichois Roger Fischer (…)...


Cool FOAF idea by Urs

Urs (pic; blog) posted his Proposal – Postback: posting into others blogs. Very cool idea:) Update:Bernhard delves even deeper into the discussion.


Log Format Roadmap

Sam Ruby started the Log Format Roadmap: This wiki is a vendor-neutral space for agreeing on a new log format that is: 100% vendor neutral, implementable by everybody, anywhere, for any reason freely extensible...


Kaywa launches

It feels good to end our self-inflicted NDA. Kaywa Ltd are the result of a collaboration of switzerland’s weblog pioneers to bring (mo)blogging to the masses. Roger will unveil our tool at the first...